Examples of wordfilters.

Wordfilters are filters implemented by the admin to filter one word to another, which was popularized in early March 2011. Ponychan has various wordfilters including, but not limited to:
Complete List of Ponychan Wordfilters
Unfiltered Word Filtered word
Troll Parasprite
Fag/Faget/Faggot/Faq/Fog Pony
Circlejerk Round-table discussion
Newfag Newpony
Oldfag Oldpony
Tripfag Trippony
Vagina/Pussy wahaHA!
Cunt Femoral Artery
Lulz Schadenfreude
MFW mine countenance whereupon, (formerly) mon visage quand, mi cara cuando
Somebody, Anybody etc. Somepony, Anypony etc.
Butt Flank
Nigger Angel
Jelly Marmalade
U mad u currently experiencing the emotion of anger
Everybody walk the dinosaur Everypony walk the alicorn
Sweetie Belle Sweetie Belle (alternate text)
What the Hell What the Hay




Phantasmal Significant Other


>year of the Scootaloo

>2012 >year of the pegasus
suck my nuts

brush my name

Futa/Futanari Screwedup
Everyone, Anyone, Nobody

Everypony, Anypony, Nopony. Making a space between the words bypasses this one.

Complete List of MLPchan Wordfilters
Unfiltered Word Filtered word
Nigger    Zebra
Pussy    wahaHA! (on /pony/ only)
Anybody/Everybody/Somebody    Anypony/Everypony/Somepony (on /oat/ only)
Sex    Marshmallow (on /oat/ only)


The thread that started the concept of Wordfilters.

Note: "free speech" once filtered to "free speech" with an alt text stating that "Ponychan is not a country. It is a website."

"Futaloo" and "Futashy" are also filtered/spambot detected terms.

In a lot of cases, the filter actually goes across spaces between words. For example, "can't roll" will filter to "can'parasprite". Also, replacing letters with numbers, or alternative spellings of words are usually accounted for in the wordfilter. Of note to the wordfilter is that 1015 previously filtered under the 'Lulz' entry, causing links or replies to posts involving this sequence of numbers to be impossible. Another example is that "45s" filters as "ass" would (found when a certain user was quoting Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas). Wordfilters also eat through dots, even several.

Replacing the letters with russian ones does no longer work, same with Umlaute (For example, lülz will filter the same as lulz).

The reason that there are auto-ban wordfilters in place is because of the spambots. They will frequently use words/phrases that most users typically do not, and !!Celestia has set up the website to ban these phrases in an effort to help keep Ponychan as clean as possible.


There have been arguments over whether the wordfilter of cancer=>canterlot/candy should exist, as a few users were enraged when they really had cancer and wanted to seek advice/help from other users but ended up as a laughing stock.

Over time, Ponychanners were finally getting fed up with all these unnecessary filters, which led to some rage on /meta / before the mods finally did the honors. At the promotion of !!Lyra (a.k.a, Mithent) to admin status, he asked Moony to make a wordfilter poll to trim out the pointless and intrusive ones.

As of February 2013, !!SweetieBelle has officially announced the clearing of all /rp/ wordfilters.

In keeping with its more lax rules and environment, MLPchan has opted to maintain from its inception almost no wordfilters, and only a few on specific boards.

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