The Daily Oat

The Daily Oat was a news thread run by ARGH! He and his news staff keep an eye on anything newsworthy on any board and report it all within a single thread on /oat/. These threads would often get stickied, and would get updates as interesting things filter in. News articles were not limited to on-site events, but at times linked to external pony related articles and sites as well. TDO is very similar to Equestria daily.

At the opening of /news/, The Daily Oat announced that they would now take their threads to the News board. However, they eventually gave up posting there, as it was by far, the slowest board that Ponychan ever allowed on the Navbar, going up to 3 months without a single post. 

At /news/'s inevitable deletion, TDO became an independent pony-fandom news site located at


  1. Yup. (Co-editor)
  2. Four String (Co-editor)
  3. Broderick512
  4. Damzilicious
  5. DeepAndEdgy
  6. EMF Scootaloo
  7. Gearbox
  8. jroddie
  9. Mbulsht
  10. Rocktavia
  11. Scootareader
  12. JustAnotherTimeLord

Most of these editors came or migrated from Ponychan /oat/ board.