The new /Gala/ board.

Serial directory

Sticky that directs anyone to a specific serial thread they're looking for.

This article is specifically for the Ponychan board. For the threads in the linkboard, see Subcommunity Directories.

/Gala/ is the newest addition to Ponychan. This board was the mod teams answer to the excess serial threads being posted on /chat/. It is also the place for Attention horse, "Hi" threads, /pony/ after dark, Appledash shipping, and much more. /gala/ was actually very successful at keeping the serial threads out of the majority of the site. It is one of the the fastest boards (if not, THE fastest board) on the site.

Board Trimming Debate

Recently, it has been debated whether to merge this board with /dis/. However, after the statistics of the board's impressive traffic was sampled in /meta/, it appears that this action is out of the question.

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