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"Where fucks are something valuable"
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Shinmera !R64CfSHINE

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Stevenchan, formerly known as Steven Magnetchan, is an online imageboard dedicated to nothing in particular, other than Steven Magnet's fabulosity. Despite its name strongly suggesting that it was founded by Steven Magnet, it was in fact founded by an ex-Ponychanner named Shinmera !R64CfSHINE .

The site was originally created as a joke, but over time, it grew into a small community of its own. All or most of its users are Ponychanners or former Ponychanners, and quite a few of them no longer go to Ponychan, due to the common belief there that Stevenchan is of a higher quality.

One key difference between Stevenchan and Ponychan is the more lenient moderation in place there. Stevenchan operates more like a traditional imageboard in that people calling each other "faggot!" and other such things are not uncommon. In the words of Shinmera, "

I openly say that I want to reserve any and everyone the right to be a dick whenever he wants." However, most of the "insults" Stevenchanners (or "Fagnets" as they call themselves) fling at each other are playful and not intended to offend.

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