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Shiva (AKA "Thumbs Up Kid" and "The Cunt Destroyer") is a short lived forced meme that spread across /ef/ like cancer on January 15, 2012. Like many forced memes, many were opposed to it, but they were outnumbered, so their opinions don't matter. The base image itself didn't originate from Ponychan.


Shiva started out as an unnamed image posted by elactor that was scattered around various /ef/ threads. I

The thread that started it all.

t was one particular thread (>>39155) started by RhinoBlindado that caused the image to explode in popularity.

As Shiva's popularity peaked, one user decided that the kid in the image needed a name. The name was to be decided by one particular GET. Luckily, that GET just happened to appear in that thread and the boy became known as Shiva.

Then things got messy. A user known as Alice Blue started a thread with a simple rule: Anyone who posted Shiva was consenting to be banned. As one might expect, zero fucks were given that day and the thread got spammed with an onslaught of Shivas and Shiva derivatives.

Little did Shiva's supporters know that they were all about to be handed 15 minute bans for posting him, only by ‼RD in a "Post Shiva get a 15 minute ban" thread. Not wanting to take any chances, most supporters stopped spamming the image and it basically died away. It still appears on /ef/ here and there, but not as frequently.


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