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Pictures, or /pic/, is a board where people go to post, exchange, and save pictures. It is similar to art in use but it is not limited to an artists own artwork and is more archival since it is not limited to newer pictures. Newer posters are reccomended to ask for pictures on this board. Requests for pictures are sometimes also made, particularly if someone is looking for a specific picture or an edit to be made for them.

Discussion, as opposed to the rest of the site, is minimal, especially outside threads lacking the [#Discussion] tag. This board serves more as an image archive rather than a forum, despite being presented on a forum-style imageboard model.

Posting 'Cupcakes' pictures here for a while was forbidden, though the enforcement of that rule has been given more leeway recently.

This was also the grounds of where the popularity of Ticket began, though she is currently only acknowledged as an OC maintained by Da Kreger now.

For a while, MLPchan also had a /pic/ board active and running, though due to the summer board revisions, content is now to either merge with their /art/ board or find other venues to post, possibly Derpibooru. As it currently stands, a /pic/ board only resides on Ponychan.

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