My Little Pony Physics Presentation

My Little Pony Physics Presentation


Lucky Brony...

The My Little Pony Physics Presentation was a glorious event that occured around the date May 20, 2011. The contents of the video depict beatledude64, now nicknamed the "Physics Brony", giving a presentation on the "Physical Impossibilities in My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic", including how it is impossible that rainbow dash could alter the light spectrum when she performs the sonic rainboom. The video shortly became viral and for his valor in bronyism, Hasbro sent him a bunch of pony-filled loot! (See pic).

The Video

The video itself gained a surprisingly massive following and has reached outlets such as College Humor and Tosh.0. In the first month, the video gained about 500,000 views, a record breaking following for any pony related video at the time. This was one of the first signs of the skyrocketing popularity of the brony fandom in the Summer of 2011, followed by Ponies the Anthology and Fighting is Magic.

Where he is now

The "Physics Brony" can be found on youtube under the handle beatledude64 and appeared on Ponychan a few times under the usertrip Beatle !PonyRb387E . However, he has yet to return.