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The "Wall of Friendship"

The My Little Pony General (MLPG) is a highly organized series of threads that originated on /co /, and ultimately was responsible for starting the Brony Phenomenon. With threads spanning as far back as October 2, 2010, they were the pioneers for much of the fandom's prized possessions, including Derpy Hooves, the term, "Brony ", Love and Tolerance, Pinkie Shrug, Ponibooru, The MLP Wiki , Cupcakes , Equestria Daily, Trollestia, DerpyHoovesNews , and too much more to count.


So much win in one thread.

Traffic and Behavior

The threads rapidly grew to be likely the most populated general on 4chan , topping each thread somewhere around 1300 posts, plus guaranteed image limit. At its home on /co/ mods had to vigorously enforce the "one thread" rule, and issue bans of up to 30 days to keep it that way. On December 15, 2010, Archive, the archiver and the admin of FIMchan, began organizing threads with a marker, as shown on the right. All threads on the MLPG are archived with full images here .

Spin-Off Sites

The most notorious MLPG off-site corridor is . This is a site of the essential tools for the General, plus a solidly coded imageboard, operated by the Admin, FallenPineapple. It also utilizes some of the inline extension code created by MLPchan, with permission.

FIMchan was once a decently populated imageboard, and prior to the debut of /mlp/, it was the only board whereas users would post explicit material. It is currently dubbed as a dead board, and the reasons as to why Archive keeps it online is inexplicable.


Their mascot is widely accepted as Marker Pony - a deep pink braided-maned mare, bearing a cutie mark of the MLPG marker. However, one can argue that their former mascot was Derpy, before she grasped fandom-wide popularity and was ultimately implemented in the show with her fanon derped eyes. Both ponies have appeared in some impressive artwork.


Some of the more fandom-famous users are known to browse this general, including Eurobeat Brony, Hoppip, and Tiarawhy. Hoppip among them, have contributed heavily, and in some cases including the Lyra Plushie, effectively trolled the community as well.

The community itself, while having very talented users, is criticized for garnering an elitist hivemind, except when they're actually talking about the show. During the hiatus, the General is known to fall off topic due to boredom. Many of them hope to return to their home at /co/ when the fandom dies out, but knowing 4chan, that's probably not going to take effect anytime soon.

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