The moon

/moon/ is a hidden board on ponychan.

You talk the moon on /moon/.

You think the moon on /moon/.

You ARE the moon... on /moon/

Any threads about the moon and taking over the moon. Threads can be posted here, but due to not wanting another secret board like lol, threads will auto-delete within a very quick timeframe. Some sticky threads may exist for long durations, as was Derpy's auto-playing youtube music at the start of it's lifespan, now replaced by a Scootaloo auto-playing youtube.

It is commonly believed that it is possible to post on /moon/ while banned. These speculations are false on Ponychan, however it is entirely possible to do so on MLPchan's /moon/. While it serves as a place to discuss your ban or finish a conversation prior to banning, most of such discussion is simply done via e-mail. However, it does paint some truth concerning the default ban message.

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