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Merchandise, (or /merch/, used to be called /toy/ until fall 2011) is a board specifically on Ponychan where users discuss a wide variety of MLP merchandise, but of particular note is the discussion revolving around styling the hair of ponies to match that in the show, or creating alternate ponies from time to time, such as Derpy. This website contains users from many diffierent boards, but the users would seldomly come to the board. It used to be quite popular though.

Specifically, the most popular thread on this board is the "Plushie General," a long running thread aimed towards the discussion of producing plushies of your own. Many plushies sell for very large quantities, and some plushies are sold quietly under the fear that their plushies might be given a C&D.


!!Trixie responding to the aftermath of the infamous Lyra Plushie.

Back in May 2012, a shitstorm occured as the board was inundated with shock regarding Hoppip's custom made "Lyra Plushie" with holes in convenient places. It attracted enough attention to the point of which Ponychan's !!Trixie mod had to intervene and write a sticky on the front page, warning people that any links to the auction will be grounds for at least a one day ban.

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