Media sticked pony music thread

The previous stickied pony music thread in /media/.

/media/ was a board dedicated to discussing various forms of media and creating new music and videos. This was initially one of the few boards where a video or audio file may be used in place of an image.

Not to be confused with /vinyl/, where music may not needed to be related to ponies.

Behavior of Traffic

Not only did it receive an insufficient level of traffic, but just about every post on this board was just OP, meaning there was no communication between posters. It was basically just an advertising board that was built upon sand. If anything was truly worth discussing, no one bothered using this board anyhow. They just took the conversation to /oat/ like everyone else.


In late October, at the closing of /news/, Orange announced that /media/ was in jeopardy of being dropped off the board, due to the same reasons stated above. This board lacked the content required to keep itself alive, like most other boards.

Two weeks after this announcement, traffic continued to dwindle. Realizing there was no hope to salvage this board, Orange finally trimmed it off the site.

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