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The Gyrobowl is a bowl designed for toddlers and manufactured by Plymouth Direct, an "As Seen On TV" company behind other products such as Mighty Putty. It is designed so that the handle can freely rotate around the bowl like a gyroscope, reducing the chance of spillage by young children.

The unfunny Gyrobowl first began appearing on Ponychan's /oat/ board on May 6th, 2011, after the airing of the season one finale, "The Best Night Ever", in a thread stating "SCREW PONIES, I GOT GYROBOWLS. THEY ARE VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE". Source:

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Behold my glory.

It originated after a commercial for the product aired on The Hub during a commercial break, which featured exaggerated claims such as the product being spill-proof and "virtually indestructible". These claims are often taken to absurd degrees by Ponychan users, such as claiming that even light cannot escape the Gyrobowl, giving it a black hole-like effect.

Spread of Popularity

In the first few weeks that it was posted, the Gyrobowl had an almost Spiderman-like quality to it, in that a single image of it could instantly derail a thread. Since then, it has died down to the point where it can safely be posted in a thread without fear of derailment, and there are occasionally "Gyrobowl appreciation threads" created where users post images of Gyrobowls. Typical usage of the Gyrobowl meme involves usage of photo manipulation software to make it look like characters are holding Gyrobowls, or alternatively to make it look like something or someone is in the Gyrobowl.


A popular image macro

Any criticism of the Gyrobowl, warranted or not, is casually dismissed with the image macro or GIF version of the image to the right. It is based off of a clip from the Gyrobowl commercial in which a child is holding a Gyrobowl while walking downhill, giving the appearance of a strange or funny walking style. This is a cross-meme reference to "Haters Gonna Hate", a series of image macros that serve to dismiss criticism with an ad hominem attack.

This wiki itself is also named after this product, thus GYROpedia.

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