Ember Storm is
Ember Storm - I give not a fuck by strawberrnope

Although Ember's character cannot fly yet, this is one of the poster's favourite images.

the OC character of the Ponychan poster

Ember Storm !SNOWBallqA , late Ember Storm !o/THEPyROg . He is usually percieved to be an alicorn, and is often regarded as a Mary Sue for his alicorn qualities. In reality, Ember Storm is a unicorn whose spell went wrong and recieved wings; the character cannot fly at the present time (and never will because Ember [the poster] thinks that it would be silly), but the wings serve as a medium for extreme wingboners.

Ember Storm started posting back in mid March 2011 under the name Auraek. He switched to Ember Storm in early April and has been using that OC since then.

In the past, Ember Storm had a series of threads devoted to polite, albeit random, discussion on the /oat/ board. However, at the time of the crackdown on /oat/ threads, the threads in question was moved to chat multiple times. Due to the requirement that ponies had to be involved and it wasn't a guarantee that anything relating to the show would be posted, the thread died.

Ember is often found on Steam, where he hangs out in the Oat chat. The /oat/ and /chat/ boards are his usual boards.

Common threads he posts in are the Story Thread, the Thread Killers thread, the HAY thread, and various other random threads (He has also taken to visiting L&A). Threads about Twilight were other common locations to find him until that one night. THAT ONE NIGHT WHEN ALL THINGS TURNED TWILIGHT ON /OAT/. Now he never visits the constant Twilight appreciation threads one /oat/, as they're always the same crap on different days.
Ember and Twilight By Rainy

Ember Storm reacts to a random hug from Twilight.

Ember is also known for being the source of several memes. His 'wingboner' image is regarded as a submeme of the wingboner meme on Know Your Meme. Another meme is the discussion of his status as a Mary Sue. The Doctum face meme was also colored by him.

It is widely known that Ember, both in and out of character, likes Twilight Sparkle a lot. A whole lot (Probably why Ember has mentioned wanting to squeeze her hooves to see what they feel like. Seriously, he does. One time he even called her sexy.). This has resulted in a few images and fanfictions (not written or drawn by Ember) of Ember/Twilight shipping.
Ember Storm - Errr That Actually Works

"I made a thing."

He is learning how to draw ponies at the present time, although he never expects to be overly good at them, he intends to improve somewhat.

Whoever you are and wherever you go, Just know that Ember's probably at least been there, as he does enjoy checking in on other boards from time to time. He's a nice guy, though, so talk to him. Say hi. He's totally cool. Except for the fire thing.

In April 2012, his old tripcode was hijacked, so he now posts as ☲ Ember Storm !SNowbAlLfo .