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/b/ and friends

The /b/ and friends thread (sometimes referred to as /b/read) is a serial thread initially from the original pony threads on 4chan's /b/ (random) board. Originally, the only 2 pony threads on imageboards were the My Little Pony General (MLPG) on /co/ and the /b/ and friends thread on /b/, making them the longest running active communities of pony fans online.


For the February Bannings, see: Brony.

Running from early 2011 all the way to the current day, the original /b/ pony thread has gone through numerous changes and challenges. Despite moot and 4chan mods best efforts to rid /b/ of the pony menace, it has run almost unimpeded the entire time, the longest continually recurring serial thread in any imageboard's history.

The /b/ thread endures constant trolling, spam, bans, and other moderator efforts to make them leave, ranging from deletions to locks to changing the text in pony threads to be unreadable. Because of the difficulty in maintaining a community in such conditions, a refuge thread was made on Ponychan, referred to as the /b/ and friends thread. Some moved to this thread permanently, some stayed only in the 4chan thread, and some visited both.

When moot finally relented and created /mlp/ for pony fans, the thread underwent another semblance of a split, with a /b/ pony thread calling itself /b/read starting to recur there. At this time, there were 3 pony threads related to fans and friends who had found the show through /b/.

When MLPchan was created, after a short while the 2 non-/b/ threads - the /b/read and the /b/ and friends threads - merged on MLPchan and once again became /b/ and friends, becoming larger and faster than the two were separately, with the original thread continuing on /b/.

More recently, the /b/ thread itself has fallen into entropy, and while still recurring, any original or long term members have either moved on or prefer the relative peace of the /b/ and friends thread without the constant bans, spam and trolling, and having several members of the site staff who have originally been members of the thread.

Culture and Environment

The general atmosphere of a /b/ and friends thread is highly social; members know each other from long histories, often spanning across multiple sites and many months, if not years. The thread is highly populated for a serial thread and has accumulated many visitors from its long tenure and several sites it has called home before finally coming to long-term security.

The topics of a given thread will range from anything from video games to ponies to the relationships of the posters themselves. The tone of the threads is usually extremely lax, and a much wider berth is given to the thread than most others due to its history and origins on 4chan.

The thread members will also regularly refer to each other as fagets, fegs or other variations, a term of endearment it popularized long ago, and will engage in its own memes and in-jokes from its lengthy time.

Current Members

A list of current members, as of May 2013, who have posted within the previous month:

  1. Coffee
  2. Babsseed
  3. Rita
  4. Hupony
  5. Tom
  6. Mein Name Here
  7. Macil
  8. Momizi
  9. Smiles
  10. Neko
  11. Alexis
  12. Sadface
  13. Brashy
  14. Birdy-bird
  15. Hash
  16. hippy jesus
  17. Nopony
  18. Karma
  19. Hamwall
  20. the 20 percent
  21. Trony
  22. Umbra
  23. Tracer Bullet
  24. Ommadon
  25. Blue
  26. Luck of the Irish
  27. Pulse
  28. Poplep
  29. Azimuth
  30. Dract
  31. Anonthony
  32. Darwin
  33. Lunafall
  34. Cadance
  35. Pinkie and the Shy/Wahah
  36. Cato
  37. Smoker
  38. Bready
  39. Herp
  40. Esquire
  41. Dashy
  42. Desert
  43. Kere
  44. Pinkamena
  45. Swipe
  46. Ryft
  47. swk (some white knight)
  48. Troll
  49. Bamboo Tank
  50. Specc
  51. Pinkie Pie Mike
  52. Starshine
  53. Pinkanon
  54. Nate
  55. Ethanol
  56. Mochanon
  57. Squidward
  58. Urist
  59. Funtimes
  60. Juvenal
  61. Sama
  62. ScSquirrel
  63. Choco
  64. Ruse
  65. Galoshes
  66. yelloworange
  67. awesome eel
  68. Mellowbloom
  69. Machinae
  70. Xippy
  71. Hashbrown/Sweetie
  72. Shinauko
  73. C (zecora anon)
  74. bananapudding
  75. Tense
  76. Derpy squared
  77. poni3
  78. Commissar Flavikov Davedenko
  79. fleur
  81. Chromy
  82. Edinpony
  83. Joey
  84. Soren
  85. Courier
  86. Tarra
  87. several notable anonymous posters

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