A typical thread in /inb4why/.

/inb4why/ was a hidden board created when a user responded to a thread in the manner of calling out that it would wind up in /why/, saying: >inb4 /why/. In response, the moderating team humorously created this board.

Threads cannot be created on this board, only moved to it by a member of the moderating team. However users may still post here until the thread's deletion. For a time, this board could only hold one thread in it at a time, but when many threads began moving there, this issue may have been attended to, if only permanantly.

/inb4why/ was removed from the site on July 21st as part of a mass cleanup and deletion of hidden boards, most likely because it was redundant.

At some point, a reincarnated board was created, following the same title as this one. As a result, the new replacement board, /ohnoeverythingsuckswhateverwillwedo/ currently serves as a replacement board name for /inb4why/.

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